This way, commander.  Your squad of Templar Knights is awaiting you in the drop-shuttle.  The region below is crawling with xenos, but the need is dire.  Only the might and dedication of the Templar Knights can set this right.  Crush the enemy of Shalun Law, by fire and steel!

Welcome to Templar Assault, where you will lead the might of the venerable Templar Order across the Quadrant, seeking out and destroying the heathen, the pirate, and the xenos!  Templar Assault is a viscous, fast-paced space combat simulator where elite warriors of the future come face to face with the most deadly enemies in the Quadrant.  Templar Assault is based upon the legends, history, and heroic actions of the Templar Order, a ancient fighting force which has held order in the Quadrant for centuries.

Templar Assault is a turn based strategy game set in the Star Traders Universe.  Taking inspiration from Star Traders RPG, the Aliens films and Space Hulk, Templar Assault is a game of high tension. Your Templar Knights are a tight knit team of warriors capable of combat in any environment — from the depths of space to distant planets.

This top-down strategy RPG features several different campaign modes taking place on abandoned starships, planets, and ancient temples from a darker age of technology, all infested with the deadly xenos and pirates. As a Templar Knight, you are the only force that stands between the forces of destruction and the Quadrant!

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Resources and Community

Game Modes – Campaign and Skirmish

Templar Assault has two modes of play.  Campaigns are story lines crafted around historical events in the Templar Order, or new and breaking events within the Star Traders universe.  Campaigns focus on the specific exploits of a squad and follow that squad through a series of difficult levels to the high-tension conclusion of the conflict.  After completing a campaign, your Templar squad from the campaign enters the skirmish mode.  Campaigns allow you to get access to unique character, special equipment, and unique enemies that may not be available in skirmish mode.

Skirmish mode provides endless game play opportunities.  Skirmish allows you to take a squad that has completed a campaign, or a squad that was specifically started as a skirmish squad, and to play as many levels as you want with your knights.  Skirmishes come in short one-level varieties, but also feature multi-level skirmish campaigns that tie together a set of challenges that you must overcome.  Skirmish allows you to build up Honor and allow you to explore all the possibilities of your Templar squads.

Game Difficulty Levels

  • 6 level of difficulty!!  Simple, Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy and Brutal.
  • Start on Easy and work your way up into the nearly impossible, pro-only levels, featuring impossible odds against the xeno-forms, and modes where Templar’s may die after the battle due to their horrendous wounds.
  • Your squads face a steep learning curve as you progress into higher and higher levels of difficulty.

Massive Templar Arsenal at your Disposal

  •  The legendary might of the Templars is born on the strength and resilience of their soldiers, but also on the unique and terrifying war-gear that they carry into battle.
  • As the commander of a Templar force, your troops will bring the most powerful and destructive firepower in the Quadrant to the field of battle.
  • The Leviathan Guns and their brethren are the weapons of choice for the core Templar soldiery.  Heavier varieties or those designed for scouts or long-range soldiers are available for squads who have proved them Honor.
  • Melee weapons abound as your commander wields ancient blades forged in the early ages of the Templar order.  Upcoming specialist soldier will carry a defensive shield and power ax into battle.  Each of your Templar’s armor suit also equips them with two mighty mechanical fists, capable of crushing any living enemy.
  •  Heavy Weapon specialists may carry the unstoppable forces of the Hydra Incinerator or the Neptune Cannon into battle.

Unique Classes, Specialty Soldiers, and Heavy Troopers

  • Support your squad with a variety of weapons, armor, and Templar Knight types
  • Let the enemy’s of Shalun burn under the Hydra Incinerator’s flames!
  • Shred your foes with a barrage of heavy shells hurled from the Neptune Cannon as the Templar’s legendary heavy machine gun is released into the field.  The Neptune Cannon is coming in a near-term release of Templar Assault.
  • Pick the talents and skills of your captain and use them to bolster your squad against the forces of dark.  Currently, only the Exo-Scout profession is available, granting your captain both the special ability to grant Command Points to other Templars and movement bonuses.