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Star Traders is an incredibly challenging, highly replayable RPG

Will you strike as a pirate against the merchants using the great shipping lanes, join the Solar War as a military captain, or hunt targets across the Quadrant as a fearsome bounty hunter?
Free on Google Play

Welcome to the Quadrant, Captain!

  • Cruise the galaxy in this turn-based strategy, role-playing game
  • Enjoy 5 unique skills, 10 character classes, and500 different capital space craft
  • Customize your craft and ships with 50 different improvements
  • Have full character control and customization
  • Lose yourself with hours of engrossing and engaging gameplay

Ever want to captain your own spaceship? With Star Traders RPG Elite–an engaging, entertaining, and challenging role playing game for your Android device–the ship is all yours. Once your captain information is set up, you’re immediately thrown into the captain’s seat, and the responsibility of the ship and crew is on your shoulders. Packed full of features, Star Traders RPG Elite provides more than 80 unique starcrafts, 40 plus planets to explore, extensive growth possibilities, and a plethora of enemies to battle, pillage, and enslave.

Resources and Community

Gameplay Options

Star Traders is built on a huge variety of options that allow you to pirate, war-monger, trade, sleaze, or explore your way to the top within the Quadrant.

Game Difficulty Levels

  • 8 level of difficulty!!  Basic, Normal, Challenging, Demanding, Hard, Crazy, Insane, and Impossible
  • Start on Easy and work your way up into the nearly impossible, pro-only levels.
  • Provides a steep learning curve as you progress into higher and higher levels of difficulty.


  • 10 Unique Professions!
  • Star Trader, Merchant, Smuggler, Pirate, Bounty Hunter, Military Officer, Explorer, Captain, Spy, and Zealot
  • Each profession offers unique benefits and disadvantages, and you have to  exploit and cope with them all as you struggle for survival.


  • 6 Unique Factions!  De Valtos Syndicate, Cadar Syndicate, Syndicate Rychart, House Thulun, Clan Javat, and Steel Song Clan
  • Each providing their own specialty goods and advantages to loyal captains.
  • Be ware of infuriating the Great Houses or the Clans, for they send high paid bounty hunters after the star captains that are thorns in their side.


  • Hundreds of unique star ships–for warriors, merchants, smugglers, ever class and faction providing different bonuses and benefits!
  • Such as the famous Vae Victus, Aperio Caliga, Neutiquam Erro, Serpent Tooth, Picky Beggar, and Tempus Fugit
  • Every faction provides faction-specific ships to its most loyal
  • Collection star ships–the greatest form of wealth–and dry-dock them across the galaxy