We are excited to share the newest entry to the growing Trese Brothers library of short fiction and digital comics.  We have published the first short fiction from the Star Traders universe: No Legacy Between The Stars. By the author and fan of the Star Traders games, Brett Caron (@brettcaron), No Legacy takes you along on a dangerous exploration expedition with a Captain, officers, and crew.

Download No Legacy Between The Stars for $1 from any major digital book seller:

As a co-creator of the Star Traders universe, I was struck by Brett’s ability to capture and share the world of a first mate, crew, and Captain.  The backdrop to this adventure story is the deeply intertwined characters, the loud Spice Halls, and the teeming Star docks.  And then, the silence of space.  The roar of engines, and the descent to a wild planet where the exploration team must disembark and risk it all, and for what — fame, riches, glory?

Especially for any Star Traders Captain who has used the “How many crew” slider in the Exploration screens – you’ll want to read this piece!  It truly captures the moment in the Explorer Captain’s world in a powerful way.