Heroes of Steel has been long ruled by a single, powerful warrior – Vraes the Outlander. The arrival of the suave, cunning bladesman Kincaid ushers in a new era of play.

Kincaid brings 10 all new Talents and hundreds of new strategies to try within your group.  Will he lead your group with his unflinching tactical eye and his Flanking Unity Talent – the only Talent in the game to add large-scale Damage and Accuracy to the group.  Or, will you making him a defensive stone-wall with Sure Parry, auto-blocking every attack thrown his way?  Will he hurl throwing knives across the field, taking his enemies off guard so that his blades – or your group – can finish the job.  Or, will he lead with Storm of Steel, the only Area of Effect Melee Attack!  Needless to say, Kincaid brings all new possilibities to an already immense tactical landscape.

With Kincaid’s arrival, all 8 characters are now in the game and there are 16 possible group combinations.  Which will you play today?