Heroes – it is time to sharpen your weapons and gather your magic. The gates to the City of the Dead are finally opening, and you’ll find dark sorcery and even darker secrets waiting for you there.  And, for the first time, your heroes will have a chance to reach the surface of the broken world of Steel – to taste real air and see blinding sunlight.

Heroes of Steel Episode 3 is the second major expansion pack for our epic fantasy RPG. It adds 20 new dungeons, 20 new monsters types, and over 200 new types of weapons and gear. Across the boards, Episode 3 has increased the game’s content by about 33% – adding to a game that can already boast about its size and replay potential.

If you’re already a Hero, get in there! If you haven’t tried the game, play it on any of your markets:

New Auto Buff Feature

If you are playing Heroes of Steel, be sure you don’t miss the all-new Auto Buff feature.  It has been hailed by many veteran players as the “best enhancement ever” so you’ve got to check this out. A single click of a button under the four golden squares icon can cast all of your buffs instantly. I recorded a short YouTube video to explain its phenomenal time-saving properties.