Cyber Knights: Flashpoint FAQ

We are sharing this FAQ because there will be a lot of questions across the life-cycle of the Cyber Knights Kickstarter and it is helpful to have a single focal point for answers.

Building a complex, multi-platform software package in coordination with 5,041 backers is no small feat. This is our third project, and we want this to be our smoothest and most efficient campaign ever. We believe that an important part of achieving that goal is open and transparent communication with clearly set expectations.

We are using a lot of tried and true processes, automation and software from our 10 years of making games to ensure we deliver and you get the best experience possible. If you’re interested in every detail — read on! If not, rest assured we’re going to use the best to give you the best.

To start, here is a list of important URLS:

How do I get my Discord role (backer, alpha, exec producer)?

The MercerBot on Discord is in charge of handing out Cyber Knight’s server roles. To get your role, you must enter your Discord username (including the # and all the numbers) into your BackerKit survey and then have a chat with Max afterwards. You can use the command in any channel and MercerBot will add your appointed role.


How do I get my Forum badge (backer, alpha)?

Granting forum badges are a more time intensive process for our team. After the majority of the surveys are complete, we will do a sweep and add everyone’s badge at once. In this case, all you need to do is enter your forum username into your BackerKit survey and then wait.

Do I need to sign up for the forum and Discord to play in the alpha?

It is not absolutely necessary to sign up for the forum and Discord but if you intend to give any feedback and work with the Trese Brothers team on improving the game, we need you to do it in these channels. If you only want to play the game, you could skip these steps but we highly recommend signing up for both services.