Trese Brothers is one of the premier indie game dev studios making deep, highly replayable games.  We founded Trese Brothers Games 9 years ago on our passion for challenging and unique games. Over the years, we’ve released 8 games to Steam, Google Play and the iTunes App Store. With 2.5 million customers and counting, we want you to join our ever growing family of gamers who love games.

Our core mission has always been to create the best RPGs and strategy games with big hearts, big worlds, deeply interconnected systems and high replay value.  We pride ourselves for being very close to our community — we’re on our forums every day and our team makes up for 25% of the total posts there (35,000 posts and counting). We also dedicate ourselves to providing world-class customer service to you, our customers — you can reach us any time on the forum or through email. Our passion comes from making games that we love to play and we want to share those games with as many who share the passion as possible.

Staying up to date

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Our playbook

Our team is dedicated to customer support, listening to the community, and building old school games that stir a fire in your heart.  We have proven that the mobile gamers want a company that listens and responds, that pays attention to comments and requests.  We take great responsibility for being above-and-beyond in the customer service department.  We hope you will join us on one of the social communities or forums!

From whence we came

The Trese Brothers founders have designed, played, and loved pen-and-paper and tactical table-top gaming for years and years.  They all grew up together playing these games, collaborating to create their own games that fit their vision, and sharing these experiences with friends through the years.  We are very excited to be able to translate that love of gaming in all its forms onto the mobile platform!

Can I record and monetize video of this game?

Absolutely. Please do!  We encourage it!  You can record gameplay videos along with background music and sound effects.  Please let us know when you post your videos, as we’d love to help you share them!